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About Us

In December 2015, we opened our Hanz Diner door to North Houston area community, committed to bringing quality, home-style cooked foods. We're here to serve our neighbors with delicious, huge portion foods the way they like to eat in their mom's kitchen.


"Comfort food" has been around for a long time.  To some, comfort food means Mom's home-made chicken noodle soup, or her baked apple pie. Or to others, it could be something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup.  Comfort food evokes nostalgic memories of our childhood - those happy moments that we shared with loved ones, while eating, laughing and having fun!   

Hanz Diner's mission is to deliver that kind of comfort food experience to its customers. We strive to deliver comfort foods that feed your soul.   Fresh, hearty, delicious food that is shared and enjoyed by the whole family. When you think of comfort food, think of Hanz Diner; this is where the homestyle cooking and comfort foods bring smile to everyone!  For years to come, make comfort food, and Hanz Diner’s your tradition.

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