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Cookies and Coffee


Join Hanz Family!!  Earn 10% points with every purchase. Redeem available rewards of your choice.

You can earn points by:

  • Placing an order Dine-in or Take-out

  • Placing an catering order

How do I earn points?

  • Hanz Family Members can earn 5% points for every purchase. 

  • Points can be used to pay for food after eating at the Hanz Diner, and you can use it any time you reach 300 points or more. 

  • Hanz Family Member who sign up for the first time can earn sign-up bonus points equal to $ 3.

  • Hanz Family Members also have various other benefits.

How Does It Work?

Hanz Family Benefit

Points with every purchase $1 = 5 pts

Free food reward

Birthday reward

New menu items 50% off coupon

Sign-up Bonus 

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